Lochcarron Community Development Company ( formerly known as Kirkton Woodland and Heritage Group) was formed in 2009 in order to revitalise the community to ensure its long term economic, social, cultural and environmental sustainability.

LCDC aims to ;

  • Manage community land and associated assets for the benefit of the community and the public in general
  • To advance the education of the community about environment, culture and history
  • To advance the arts, heritage, culture and science

This is being done through;

  • Developing, promoting and encouraging good environmental practices
  • Promoting the environment, biodiversity, social and cultural benefits of the area to the community
  • Promoting enterprise, skills and development
  • Raising awareness of the natural environment through education, events and information
  • Safeguarding the history, culture and heritage of the area for generations to come

Development Opportunities within Kirkton Community woodland are;

  • Housing – rental opportunities via a housing association
  • House Plots – an area within the woodland falls within the boundary of the settlement housing zone as per the 2007 Highland Council Lochcarron Development Brief
  • Woodland Crofts- potential exists for the creation of woodland crofts or smallholdings
  • Micro Business – Firewood, a source of revenue could be derived from the establishment of a local firewood business. Potential also exists to create a biomass (wood chip) business It is recommended that LCDC establish a small scale firewood business

Other LCDC Activities;

  • Running the Smithy Community Hub to generate revenue, and as a base for other activities.
  • Country Day events – raising awareness of the local environment
  • Running monthly Producers Day Market – local produce (food and crafts)
  • Regular environmental based workshops
  • regular volunteer days to maintain the Smithy Community Hub and Treehouse
  • ongoing training courses in rural skills, art, craft, cultural and Heritage skills.
  • Reasearch into local Heritage.
  • LCDC Board manage the local Development Officer to progress its own projects as well as other community projects.